• Resident Evil Village Arabic Edition-PS4

    890.00 EGP

    Technical details :

    • Players: will immerse the experience as Ethan Winters who became a skilled fighter due to military training.
      Duke merchant: players will be able to buy weapons, supplies, and upgrade items from him.
    • ability to use buildings and structures to fight enemies.
    • barriers can be used to repel the enemy.


    When you have no choice other than survive in a world designed for horror, it is your new adventure with the eyes of Ethan Winters at the resident evil village. An exciting story is waiting for you to be a part of it, just add it to your cart and start playing.


    The ruler of the village.

     Villagers honor her, and she has a lot of mystery. 

    Donna Benevento: 


    Miranda’s servant is a puppeteer. 

    Alcina Dumitrescu: 

    a tall woman with a charming look.

    the Duke: 

    A strange man has a lot of wares in his shop. 

    Rosemary winters: 

    Ethan’s kidnapped daughter. 

    Enjoy the enthusiastic experience and delve into the adventure. 

    The game is available now at Smart Vision.