• Call Of Duty: Vanguard English Edition – PS5

    990.00 EGP

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    Technical details :

    – Campaign mode:




    – Adaptive Triggers:

    you have the control to create the feeling of triggers which means that you feel the movements and power more realistic and accurate.

    – Haptic feedback:

    you will feel the action that’s happening around you pulse through your hands.

    – 3D Audio

    – Create new paths to finish your missions

    – Combat Pacing you will have more control

    – Blind firing from behind cover

    – Destructible environments


    Shooting, explosions, and chasing enemies wherever they are, in the sky or on the land!

    You will live and enjoy a war atmosphere with a new sense in the call of duty.

    That embodies the events of World War II when you will get the opportunity to leave your impact and act as a soldier in it by various playable characters using the lethal weapon.


    The leader has a motive to kill and defeat enemies with his soldiers


    a professional sniper from Russia. 

    She can sneak and pass from tight spaces.

     Also, she is fighting for revenge from nazi.


    An explosive expert can carry a lot of grenades and destroy everything.


    a soldier from Breukelen wants to fight and shine on the battlefield.

    You must face different threats and hunt for victory.

     The game is available now at Smart Vision.