• Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Arabic – PS5

    799.00 EGP

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    Technical details :

    • RPG mechanics allows you to follow growing your character and your impact on the world.
    • Visceral combat allows Double usage of weapons like axes, swords, and even shields.
    • ability to hide behind covers.



    In an open world, you will live in a historical story that embodies the conflict between Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and Vikings in a lethal event full of epic and bloody.

    You can choose a weapon and create your playstyle to get amazing features. 


    A conqueror, he is the main character in the game who cares for the clan’s destiny. He will lead soldiers and fight to get the wealth and expand the settlement for the clan. 

    Immerse in discovering, the game includes many puzzles and environments in a vast world. 

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