• Horizon Forbidden West -PS5

    990.00 EGP

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    – You will be able to customize Aloy outfits, weapon, and her playstyle from various of styles:




    Machine Master

    – A new weapon system will allow players to upgrade their weapons at a workbench
    – Players can now ride on flying machines.


    No time, you must fight enemies!

    It is an epic mission for Aloy and her team, They are attacking manipulative threats in the environment that have caused death and humanity decimated.

    You should fight with Aloy until you survive, save the world, and discover the secrets behind these disasters.

     Your adventure is filled with enthusiasm, and deadly events.

    Aloy is the main hero who fights across lands and seas to save the world from dangers

    that embody starvation and wars and creatures that are mysterious and attempt to uncover the secrets beyond them.

    Team up with more than 10 characters and get support from them in your journey to travel and explore secrets

    Machines in the shape of animals and it is a danger for humanity because it is out of control.